IAT – Image Annotation Tool

The annotation of image and video data of large datasets is a fundamental task in multimedia information retrieval and computer vision applications. In order to support the users during the image and video annotation process, several software tools have been developed to provide them with a graphical environment which helps drawing object contours, handling tracking information and specifying object metadata. Here we introduce a preliminary version of the image annotation tools developed at the Imaging and Vision Laboratory that can be freely downloaded. It allows the users to annotate regions on the images in several ways (predefined or free), and to associate to the selected regions labels depending on the application context chosen from a predefined taxonomy. The application allows to choose whether annotate a single image, or start a project to annotate several images in a sequential manner. The application has been built using the cross-platform Qt framework.


Example of use of the image annotation tool.


The source code is based on Qt library version 5.3.2. (Newer version with touch support coming soon…)

Download Source (Zip)

Qt Library Homepage



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