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The University of Milano Bicocca 3D face database is a collection of multimodal (3D + 2D colour images) facial acquisitions. The database is available to universities and research centers interested in face detection, face recognition, face synthesis, etc.

The UMB-DB has been acquired with a particular focus on facial occlusions, i.e.scarves, hats, hands, eyeglasses and other types of occlusion wich can occur in real-world scenarios. See the Publications section for a selection of our papers about face detection, face recognition and other face-related topics. In the examples section you can find a preview of some acquisitions.

Database contents

143 subjects, (98 male, 45 female; a pair of male twins and a baby included);

1473 total acquisitions (3D + colour 2D);

4 facial expressions: neutral, smiling, bored, hungry;

  • 3 neutral acquisition per subject;
  • 1 acquisition per subject for the smiling, bored and hungry expressions.

883 non-occluded acquisitions;

590 occluded acquisitions, using various objects:

  • hair,
  • eyeglasses,
  • hands in various configurations and positions,
  • hats,
  • scarves,
  • and other miscellaneous objects.

Acquisition device: Minolta Vivid VI-900 laser depth scanner.


The UMB-DB acquisitions are released with full annotation:

  • for each face, 7 landmarks are annotated (when visible);

    landmarks map

  • each acquisitions is described by textual labels, e.g. "eyeglasses", "hat", "smiling", "neutral", etc.
  • For acquisitions with occlusions are also available the masks representing the visible part of the faces.

    mask example