HPC – Technologies and Models for Smart Cities and the Digital Society

HPC is a foundation uniting 51 interdisciplinary public and private organizations, driving substantial and sustainable innovations across various fields, from basic research to computational and experimental sciences, supporting education, and advocating responsible data management for open science.


ONFOODS – Research and innovation network on food and nutrition Sustainability, Safety and Security

OnFoods is a foundation that brings together, coordinates and amplifies the work of 26 public and private organisations, leaders in scientific research and sustainable innovation of food systems.


Browsing museum image collections on a multi-touch table

A multi-touch tabletop system for browsing image databases, conceived for museums and art gallery exhibitions. The system exploits an innovative image browsing paradigm and image retrieval functionalities to perform natural and intuitive user interaction.


Image orientation detection using LBP-based features and logistic regression

In this work we present an algorithm for the automatic detection of the image orientation that relies on the image content as described by Local Binary Patterns (LBP).


User Preferences Modeling and Learning for Pleasing Photo Collage Generation

We consider the problem of how to automatically create pleasing photo collages: given a set of photos and a canvas area, we want to arrange the photos on the canvas in a pleasant unsupervised manner.